Sunday, July 1, 2018

What is Eve's Parcel?

Welcome to Eve’s Parcel

Eve’s parcel is curated just for you when you need that little extra TLC. We’re hoping your eager to find out what’s changed as much as we are eager to tell you all about it
You may have notice the modernisation of our beautiful branding. More chic and elegant just like you. As well as the look and feel of our branding we have changed many of the functionalities so here it goes…

The Price

We have reduced our pricing, all boxes with sanitary products will now be only £12.99
If you don’t need or want sanitary products your parcel will be only £10
Clearer Shipping dates and re-billing you can depend on
you can now select from 3 dates. The 1st, 10th and 20th of the month, nicely spaced out so you can make sure you get your parcel in time for your time.
We have introduced a 5 day processing period. If you place your first order 5 days prior to the delivery date you select, you will receive your parcel the following month
Why change this?
Once we revive your order we need the payment to be processed so we can pack and personalise your parcel ready to be shipped in plenty of time for you to receive it on the requested time. Trying to process this sooner was leading to mistakes being made with packing and late deliveries.
We have also introduced new delivery instructions and checks internally to ensure you don’t have any missing products and your delivery isn’t delayed or late.
You will be billed for your first box on the date that you place your order. You will then be re-billed on the 21st of every month going forward. You will be notified of renewal prior to your delivery.
Simple Box Selections
When signing up you will be asked only 4 simple question.

  1. Do you require tampon, towels, both or no sanitary products at all?
  2. Select your preferred brand?
  3. Select your delivery date? 1st, 10th or 20th
  4. Select your subscription type? Month to month or 3 month prepay

No more complicated long questions! Yay!
The amount of sanitary products you receive will also change. Depending on the box you select you will receive the below

Night Towels
Tampons & Towels

Better customer service
We will respond to your queries within 24 hours of you contacting us. And aim to resolve any issues within 48.
We have attached a form on the website to help make it easier for you to contact us.
You can now gift an eves parcel to your loved ones. Eves Parcels are filled with an array of pampering treats to indulge in making the parcel a much-loved gift. If your unsure about including sanitary products you can select our box with no sanitary products.
Eves Parcel with NO sanitary products
Many of you requested the option to have your parcels minus the sanitary products. This parcel selection was created specifically for all the women who are experiencing menopause, pregnant, or simply have an irregular period and don’t require the sanitary products.
This box also makes the best gift option, that can be shared with mothers, sisters, daughters and friends.
Regular Sneak Peaks
We will now email you the option to have a sneak peak if you like. They’ll be a warning in the subject for those who want to keep it a surprise.
As well as all these changes we have made a number of internal changes to help improve your Eves Parcel experience.
Launch Date to Follow!!!!

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