Saturday, June 30, 2018

Welcome to Eve's Parcel

Hi Everyone

I have some exciting news to share with all of you.

I am the founder of Ms Flow. I had an idea and a vision I was pushed to follow. Not knowing where to start I went back to the basics, I said goodbye to my social life and worked through the nights. Sometimes full of enthusiasm and sometimes frustrated with the never-ending challenges. I persevered, and 6 months later Ms Flow was born.

Managing Ms Flow has been an amazing experience, a complete roller coaster of ups and downs. My goal was always to aim to create a personalised customer service experience. Us women are constantly inundated with expectations and constantly working to prove our selves that we forget to put ourselves first. I wanted to put you first, I wanted you to put you first. I curated each monthly box with you in my mind.

I wanted to include new indulgent treats in each box, sweet treats you crave to treat yourself with. I ensured each parcel had some form of relief or relaxation products, heat patches for cramps and muscle aches or indulgent bath treats to remind you to take a moment to unwind.  As well as specially selected beauty products to make you smile.

As with every new business there are some bumps. You may have noticed that we have been asking you for your feedback for a number of months now. I would like to thank all of our subscribers for all your responses. Rest assured your feedback has not fallen on deaf ears. We compiled all your feedback and went back to the drawing board, to create a service more tailored to what you want and what you need.

With a heavy heart I say goodbye to Ms Flow and with unbelievable excitement I welcome Eve’s Parcel.

Eves Parcel is a collaboration of all the best bits of Ms Flow and all the improvements you requested.
Eves Parcels have been created with your health and well being in mind. We want to emphasise selfcare and give you the chance to put yourself first. They will be filled with treats and products to help you pamper and unwind.  With a much smoother customer service experience as requested by you.

I would like to thank our amazing subscribers, many of whom have stuck by us from the very beginning. I hope that you will continue your journey with us and Eve’s Parcel. And I am looking forward to welcoming our new subscribers and providing them with an amazing experience.
More details on Eves Parcel will follow.

Sonia xoxo

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