Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Eve's Parcel - Launch Day

Its Finally Launch Day!

We are so excited to officially showcase our first Eve’s Parcel and tell you a little more about us.
Eve’s Parcel formerly known as Ms Flow is a period and well being subscription service. We are focused on making you lovely ladies feel great inside and out.

We will include a range of feel good products to make you smile.
In today’s fast paced, chaotic society the majority of us women are prone to putting the needs of others ahead of our own. Sometimes, a busy schedule gets in the way of taking care of yourself. We so often neglect ourselves and don’t even realise the effects of this on our minds and bodies

We want Eve’s Parcel to be your monthly reminder to put yourself first. Are parcels will show you how to put yourself first.

Our parcels are focused around menstruation and our main subscription is period and PMS related. However, we understand that not everyone has a regular period. Sometimes we just need a pick me up. Therefore, we have introduced our Pamper Box, all the monthly treats minus the sanitary products for only £10.  This parcel is the perfect gift, its ideal for ladies who are menopausal, or going through pregnancy, as well as women who are on contraceptives, we all deserve a treat and some time out.

Our August parcel without giving to much away contains products perfect for this.
Periods cause chaos with our skin; hormonal changes can cause excess oil leading to spots. As glorious as the sun may be its not always the best thing for our skin. We have included products to help cleanse and clean our pore and a product to help revive and repair the skin.
Cramps are another symptom many of us deal with during our cycle. Unfortunately, we can’t always spend the day snuggled up in bed with our hot water bottles and an unhealthy dose of Netflix. Therefore, we have included some on the go relief.

We know we all have so many balls in the air all the time. Sometimes the simple act of taking a long warm soothing soak in the tub helps us wash all our worries away and help us think clearly. We included the perfect summer treat to help you do this
Did you know Rose tea is known to relieve menstrual cramps, it revitalises skin and hair, and helps to reduce stress and anxiety as well as many other benefits? We’ve included one of the finest variety in our parcels for you to try.

Another major symptom of period and hormonal changes is cravings! We all get them, sweet, sour, salty!! We need to have it!! We have included an indulgent treat we know your going to love to help calm the craving monster.

As well a balanced mix of products we have decided to include a couple of other bits to make you feel amazing on the inside as well as on the outside. We have therefore included our ‘Yoga Move of The Month’, something simple we can all try for a few minutes a day even to help us feel stronger and more in tune with our bodies. As well as an our ‘Affirmation of The Month’ we want you to place your affirmation card someone you will see it often, your desk at work, your mirror and our favourite the fridge door! We want you to repeat it at least once a day. We want it to empower you to believe in your amazing abilities. We want it to give you confidence and make you smile.

Every month we will aim to fill your monthly parcels with as many full-size products and treat we can to make you feel great.

We are unbelievably excited to be starting on the amazing journey and hope you’ll come along for the ride.

To celebrate we are offering and exclusive one day only discount to our next 50 subscribers

Get 50% off Your First Box! 


(Valid until midnight 01/08/18)

If you haven’t signed up to try our first box check out the link below to our website.


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