Sunday, January 12, 2020

Important Changes To Eve's Parcel

We have some exciting news to share with you all.

You may remember a few months ago we asked for your feedback on the contents of our parcels. We had noticed a big switch from our sanitary pack subscribers, switching to the pamper only parcels. We were intrigued, so asked you all a few questions to see what changes we could make to the service, to improve it for you.

We asked all our customers subscribed to sanitary pack how important the period products were to them in their Eve’s Parcel? And why they had switched to pamper only parcels, if they had?

We also asked all our pamper only parcel subscribers why they opted for the pamper only parcel and not for the sanitary packs?

This is what we found! 

Many of our sanitary pack subscribers had switched as they had decided to use eco-friendly reusable sanitary products which we think is absolutely fab! Others had accumulated stockpiles of sanitary products they were struggling to make their way through. Some had become pregnant but didn’t want to miss out on receiving their parcel full of comforting treats. Others simply preferred the £10 price point and preferred to buy their sanitary products elsewhere.

Our pamper only subscribers told us that many of them were on contraceptives that meant they didn’t require the sanitary products; others were women who were menopausal. Many had received the pamper subscription as a pampering gift.

Upon sharing this news with our subscribers, we found that even more of our sanitary pack subscribers had opted to switch to the pamper only parcel as they said they weren’t aware it was an option and it would be much preferred.

Therefore... after seeing the changes you are after we have decided to make some changes of our own.

From the 21st January 2020 we will no longer be offering any more sanitary pack options.

We will cater to your needs and aim to provide you with the best pamper pack on the market.

All excess sanitary products that we hold in stock will be donated to schools.

We promise we will not become another beauty box. We will remain the hug in a box that you all love. Every single product in your parcels are handpicked and carefully selected to create an all-round perfect pamper box each month. We make sure that you receive some relaxation products to pamper yourself and unwind, some luxury indulgent treats to comfort you, and some beauty treats to cheer you up when you need it most.

Switching to pamper only boxes we will be able to focus better on the contents of your parcels and be able to provide you with better quality products.  We will also be able to improve our shipping process. Making our service a lot more reliable for those of you that have had issues in the past.
Going forward all parcels will be shipped on the 1st of the month, to make sure you have your pamper box ready to indulge in whenever you need it.

We at Eve’s Parcel are always focused on your well-being and health, we want our parcels to comfort you when your menstruating menopausal or just need a pick me up as we all often do.  We are so excited to be making the changes and so excited to be able to bring you a better quality value for money product focused on you!

We can’t wait to share our February Edition focused on self-love and self-empowerment 
with you after all... 
who’s more important than you!


Eve’s Parcel

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