Friday, March 29, 2019

Eve's Parcel - March Edition

This March we filled our parcels with an array of treats to help you relax indulge and make the most of the last of winter. 

To help sooth dry eyes we included an amazing product from Oolution. Eye love eye contour cream. Eye love is the artist of the Oolution family. Filled with vasoconstriction, draining and detoxifying actives, Eye love reduces dark circles and bags. By stimulating collagen synthesis, it reduces wrinkles that start forming first around the eyes. With its moisturising and lifting actions it prevents the transformation of lines due to dehydration into more profound wrinkles. Say hello to fresh bright eyes with this ultra-thin penetrating cream, ready for Spring.

(RRP. £35)

This month beauty treat was a candied mint  tinted lip balm from Maybelline Baby Lips. This deeply hydrating balm is super moisturising and flush with colour, a little goes a long way.

(RRP. £2.99)

Our relaxation treat this month was a full size pack of Organic Himalayan Bath Salts. Enriched with elements to help detox and relax you. Himalayan salt is known to be naturally cleansing and healing.This blend combines the salts with organic lemon grass, rosemary and lavender, making it antioxidant, to relax muscles. collectively creating the perfect soothing relaxing soak to end any day. 

(RRP. £4.99)

Clipper hot chocolate helps us make the most of the last of the cold weather. This indulgent chocolate treat is quick and simple to prepare with a rich extravagant chocolate taste. Making it the ideal evening indulgent treat.

This month we also featured a innovative new product from The Zen CompanyMiss Comfort is a blend of essential oils designed to; ease of cramps in the abdomen, balance hormones, alleviating pain of a crampy uterus and shorten the duration of bleeding. The blend comes in a 10ml roller bottle which is easy to use and carry with you when out and about.

Start applying the blend on the lower abdomen a few days before menstruation breaking through and massage in gently. Keep continue to do so during your period. This blend can be applied as often as needed. Truly revolutionary and all natural.

(RRP. £4.50)

Our sweet treat this month was a delicious bar of fair-trade milk chocolate filled with smooth caramel. made with the finest ingredients this bar melts in your mouth and sorts out those cravings.

Our tea of the month is a delicious organic pure peppermint tea from a lovely brand called Dragonfly100% organic peppermint leaf and nothing else. First noticed growing in a field of spearmint in Hertfordshire in England about 300 years ago. Dried to ensures that the essential oils remain potent, making for a superior brew. Reviving and refreshing, it is often appreciated after a meal.

We hope you enjoyed this months parcel and we hope it helped you unwind relax and enjoy the last of the season.

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