Friday, March 1, 2019

Eve's Parcel - January Edition

Happy New Year ladies. This month we have filled Eve’s Parcel with products to help you start the new year cleansed and detoxed.

This month we included an amazing cleanser from Figs & Rogue.
Pro-Acneal purifying cleansing wash has been especially formulated to clear excess oils and remove blemishes. Gentle on sensitive skin, with anti-oxidant rich detoxifying formulation designed to help eliminate skin impurities. Perfect for re-balancing and calming your skin after the party season.

We also included a warming clay aromatic mask from Monu Skin. Monu formulates this amazing mask to specifically increase vitamin and mineral absorption, leaving skin feeling warmed nurtured and comforted. Monu Skin have created this relaxing mask using Attapulgite Clay which provides a deep cleansing treatment leaving skin invigorated. Lie back and let it work its magic.

We know many of us will be dragging our over indulged bodies back into the gym this January. Natures Dream, Elifexir Flat Tummy Reducing and Firming cream is just the helping hand we’ll be needing. Natures dream have formulated this targeted treatment to target and reduce localised fat deposits to firm and tone skin. 99% of its ingredients are from natural origin. Caffeine to help tighten skin, centella asiatica leaf extracts to prevent sagging and natural orange, lemon and cherry to protect, soften and moisturise skin.

This month’s edible treats were selected with detox and health in mind. Eat real snacks
are based on three simple concepts that are taste, nutrition and real ingredients. Who said snacking can’t be health, 48% less fat that potato chips, gluten free and vegan. Made from real, natural ingredients with no added nasties. All that goodness with a moreish delicious taste.

This month’s sweet treat was from Jealous Sweets. A gourmet candy company producing guild free treats. Gluten free, sugar free vegan friendly and no artificially colours or flavours. The perfect sweet treat when you need it most.

This months featured tea is a cleansing tea from Pukka. Filled with organic herbal goodness, fresh with natures green riches. A blend of Fair wile nettle leaf, dandelion root and fennel seed, cooled with peppermint and aloe vera. Tea created to help purify your glow.

We Hope you enjoyed your parcel this month and look forward to bringing you our February Edition.

Have a lovely month

Happy Periods


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