Friday, September 28, 2018

Eve's Parcel - September Edition

Is It just us or was September really over in the blink of and eye. 

September’s edition included an array of treats and products to pamper and indulge in. This month our focus was on pampering you, with alternative innovative new treats. Embracing the strange with a touch of magic. We found some amazing unique pioneering brands based in the UK stepping out of the norm to bring you some amazing products.

This month we featured a full-sized mineral massage soap bar from Seacret. Enriched with dead sea minerals this amazing soap cleaners relaxes and nourishes the skin to create a healthy glow. Seacret is a globally renowned company creating products with the healing powers of the dead sea. The dead sea is known to have a salt concentration level 10 times higher than other oceans, its waters are saturates in minerals 12 of which are unique only to the Dead sea.

 Keeping relaxation and healing in mind we included a calming essential oil filled remedy roller from Mia & Dom. This is the perfect calming treat of essential oils when feeling tense and anxious. Its been developed using the best ingredients to help sooth restlessness and stress. Simply rub onto temples and wrists and unwind.Mia & Dom have an amazing range of organic products. Including a spectacle expecting mums and babies definitely worth a look.


 Our beauty treat this month was from Sara Hill Make Up, a fresh new Independent make-up brand to the market. Sara Hill make up is fun, bold and fearless, with bright colours and no rules. This amazing new brand celebrates you for who you are, and we love it. Sara Hill is currently featured on the iconic website Cult Beauty. Definitely one to watch! This month we included mix of their eye shadows. Highly pigmented shades, luxurious rich  textures, and easy to apply and blend.

As a coffee Addict, I love nothing more than a full carafe of freshly brewed coffee. But with time so scarce its hardly ever an option. So when we came across these fabulous coffee bags from The London Coffee Bag Company, we had to include them in our parcels and share them. Like teabags but filled with expertly sourced rich coffee, ground to perfection. Convenient quick and perfect on the go. We’re in love and hooked for life!

Gelcity is one of the UK’s leading skincare companies, providing innovative alternatives to everyday products. This is a fun inventive brand creating some truly spectacular products, including there Jelly Foot Soak made with the best ingredients. Give your feet the attention they deserve after weeks in flipflops in the sunshine. Simply add the magical gel beads infused with soothing lavender and lemongrass to warm water, unwind and soak. Environmentally friendly, no parabens or irritants, vegan cruelty free and manufactured in the UK. Just amazing.

You will not have tried a gluten free chocolate brownie and delicious as this. This is the perfect hit of chocolatey fudginess to indulge in. Sugar n Spice have done an amazing job with these delicious brownie bars. What do you think?
 We always aim to bring you value for money and include as many full sized products as we can. This month 5 of the 6 products included were full sized, giving you a chance to really try them. We hope you enjoyed your September pampering and look forward to sharing the treats in our October Edition with you. If you haven’t signed up already, check out out website www.evesparcel.comUsed code WELCOME10 to get 10% off your first parcel.

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